February 21, 2010

be prepared!!

things i have to prepare for this week.nape cam byk je nih??

Organizational Behavior : CNY gifts
Code of Ethics
Test1 on this 23th feb

Public Speaking : preparing speech bout my topic
but still out of idea.blank!

Public Sector Accounting : group assignment
xtau pe task nye sbb xdtg kls.

Ethics : past year questions

Arab : test/quiz tomorrow

Financial Accounting Reporting : past year questions
also test1 on friday

kesimpulannye sy sgt tensen!!
help me someone...pliz!!

February 20, 2010


Smlm dgn rajinnye aku bjaya susun folder2 kt dlm baby kesygn aku nih a.k.a. acer aspire 4730z.
sy sgtttt syg kamo!hehe..
Anyway smlm bwu de mase clean up pe yg ptot.besela org bz bkerja an.ceh2.. Kebosanan seorg diri kt rumah. Belek punya belek jmpa la pix time aku kcik2..pix time skola..time matrik..
plg byk pix time da msok uitm la.ho2..
Bab kate qila & seme org yus mmg ske bga
mba so no wonder la space utk pix kt lptop aku 11gb.ho2..2pn kire ckit au.antara khazanah2 yg dijumpai :

cuba cari mane aku..time skola aku sgt gemokk!!

bole plak aku menari kt tangga ni.haha..

xdpt time aku sgt itam & tembam time ni.hu2..

time matrik..comei je ngn bear.wawawa..

time jamuan sblm bpisah.aku dpt award gile cam.ha2..
qila dpt award dak baek & zati model ptt dicontohi.

haa ni die aku yg ensem.ha2.
msk ptandingan kawad wakil dak sains hyat.last mnit woo.
dlm masa smgu blatih formation.

geng aku time kmj.hobi kegemaran kitorang
makan nc lemak dlm dewan kuliah

kami still b'hubung smp skang.i lub u all!!
si ayien ni sntsa ade di mane aku de.uitm pn nk same.ha2..

disebabkn qila suke pix ni aku upload la.ha2..
location : masjid an Nur

okey ckup smp cni je..aku da penatt nk upload pix byk2.
pape pn i mish my school & matric!!
da besa upe nye aku.da 21 taon ni.prgai cm2 jgk.hahaha..

February 19, 2010

move on...

i feel lonely today..So i decided to write sumting on my blog.
I've got oliday for a week but yet i still in my room at malacca.
For wat a reason?hurm..work & work & work!!
My friends always ask me why u need to work eventhough u're under a scholarship.
Money is important lol..for a person like me it is not enough.
haha..im a wastrel.plus! i cannot stay at home for no works.too wasteful.
starting from form 4 i've already work if there is any long oliday.

i've work in bazar ramadhan in 2005..
work at Koperasi SMK Paya Besar after finish my spm on weekdays.
on weekend i work at my friend's catering..ED Caterers.
then i quit my work at Koperasi & work in stall.sell nasi lemak..nasi dagang..nasi minyak..
but yet i still dun know how to cook.hahaha..
after that i work at photostating shop..
in 2007 i manage to continue my study at Johore Matriculation College so i quit my work.
i back to my work when it is a semester break.selling nasi lemak in the morning was a great experience :)
finish my matriculation & further my study in UiTM in 2008.
as usual when it is oliday i will work.
I've work as a hotlink promoter for 2 semester breaks.hotlink pay me rm70 for one day work.
highest salary i've ever got.but it really need a great endurance.
work in Pizza Hut for last semestar break.

And for the latest job is i work in GSC dataran pahlawan on my midterm oliday.
really tired u know.stand in the concession counter for 14 hours straight!
it is CNY & i dont understand why people would spend time in GSC 10 o'clock in the morning just bcoz to watch a movie.
dont they think sleep in the house is better??
on the 3rd day of my work i need to open a counter and be a cashier.
although im an accountant student i dont have confident lol.
why too faster ask me to open a counter.i dont want to pay for any miscalculation in money.
thanks God there is NO any!

staying at my bed and missing my family & him!!
i want to go home now but i do not finish my assignment yet.
sorry mama..maybe next week i'll hug u at home.
i need to finish my delay assignment within these 2days.
my speech for public speaking are not ready yet.
wat am i gonna say next week??huh!too miserable.
i wanna go home & i really wanna meet him!
i miss u so much!!cant u feel that??