June 23, 2012

sweet cake from her :)

terharu dapat kek sedapp dari Puan Aishah.
lecturer terpaling tersayang ;)

"BACC 8A is graduating"
hoorayyy seronok nyee setiap kali baca ayat ni. hehe

last day class for my degree.
selamat menempuh final exam kawan-kawan! :D

June 20, 2012

my checklist~

my checklist for assignment almost 90% ticked.
audit case study done !
group project far done !
article review maf done !
group project fin done !
mini IID done !

so only left Fiddle or Not To Fiddle video screening.
good luck to all teams !

semalam punya cerita mini IID dah berjaya diselesaikan.
and our team won the silver prize.
which means 9/10 for our carry marks.
hoorayy2!! :D

our team members. 2 person is missing in dis pix.
muka aku sangat pelik masa ni.
pape pon lega seleganya dah selesai!

rest time. malam still ada class ganti.
bye bloggers! :)

June 17, 2012

pre-graduation day. finally!

happy pre-graduation day cik yus & kawan-kawan! :D

pre-grad? which means one more step left
until my graduation day.
suka ! suka !
kita tak sabar nak grad tau.
nak masuk alam keje.
alam income masuk setiap bulan.
alam keje smp gila.
asik study je smp gila. HAHA

pix feeling2 comel sambil pegang pink daisy.
gedix !

lepas dah grad nnt tah bila lah boleh gather reramai camni kan.
gonna miss all the moments with you guys!
less than 1 month to be spent together.
lets enjoy the remaining days.

good luck for final examination 
for final semester friends :)
may we have our dreams fulfilled. amin..